Barbara Jones lives and works as an artist/designer in Warwickshire, England. She gained a Masters (with Distinction) in Visual Communication, at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, University of Central England, in 2002. Much of her work is driven by a desire to highlight the tactile in the visual and remind viewers of the importance of the sense of touch in a world that is increasingly flooded by visual imagery and sound. Themes which continue to inform her practice are 'Collections', 'Impressions', 'Concealment' and 'Play' and the tactile reminders of everyday living.

Print and Mixed Media work

Barbara has explored work which appeals to the sense of touch as well as vision. Her work uses collage, found objects and print to explore the tactile within the visual. Materials and imagery serve to evoke memories, feelings and personal associations. Mixed-media work is created using a range of supports such as wood, papers, and fabric.

Workshops and Projects

With a strong desire to communicate and apply her multi-sensory interest, Barbara has delivered projects and workshops with children and families,practitioners, community groups and artists in a wide range of creative play and learning work for schools, early years settings, organisations and local galleries and museums. Barbara is also a member of TheVERYidea artist collective who have wide experience of community engagement projects.

Graphic design work

Combining her keen interest in all things tactile, Barbara uses her graphic design skills to design for print - exhibitions, publicity, books and commissions for bespoke, hand--made pieces, including promotional gifts, stationery and decorative items to mark weddings and other special occasions. Barbara would be happy to discuss any bespoke design ideas for new work. 

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